Acupoint Acupuncture Needles


Acupoint needles consist of a wire-wound metal handle with a loop for easy manipulation. Developed with an extremely sharp point, Acupoint needles provide enhanced precision and greater ease in penetrating the skin.  Smooth & highly polished for easy insertion. No silicone coating, Pyrogen Free, EOG Sterilized, FDA Approved.

A-Type needles are packaged 1 needle per guide tube with a color coded tab to hold the needle in place. 200 needles in each box. E-Type needles have a wire wound metal handle with loop for easy manipulation. Packaged 5 needles per guide tube. 500 needles in each box.

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Wabbo Acupuncture Needles SST AA-Type(1 Needles/Tube, 200 PCS/Box)

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Wabbo Acupuncture Needles SST E-Type (5 Needles/Tube, 500 PCS/Box)

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