Copperstar Acupuncture Needles


The Copperstar acupuncture needle features the same quality and design as the famous Silverstar needles. Capable of generating painless, smooth and stress-free insertions during treatment, the Copperstar is constructed with a copper coated handle with a loop, instead of a silver one. Each needle is pyrogen free and safe to use with the guarantee of EO (Ethylene Oxide) Gas sterilization.

The Copperstar line comes in two different packaging options:

The C-Type needles are packaged 1 needle per guide tube with a color coded tab to hold the needle in place. 100 needles in each box. The B-Type needles are packaged 5 needles per guide tube. 500 needles in each box. 

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Wabbo Acupuncture Needles CopperStar C-Type (1 Needle/Tube, 100 PCS/Box)

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Wabbo Acupuncture Needles CopperStar B-Type (5 Needles/Tube, 500 PCS/Box)

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