Silverstar Acupuncture Needles


The Silverstar® acupuncture needle is renowned for its design, quality, and ability to generate painless, smooth and stress-free insertions during treatment. Featuring a silver coated handle with a loop for easy handling and manipulation, Silverstar needles are made with higher resilience and can undertake greater tension. Each needle has a silicone coated needle-shaft, is pyrogen free, and safe to use with the guarantee of EO (Ethylene Oxide) Gas sterilization. The Silverstar brand of acupuncture needles is also FDA approved.

The Silverstar line comes in two different packaging options:

The N-Type needles are packaged 1 needle per guide tube with a color coded tab to hold the needle in place. 100 needles in each box. The S-Type needles are packaged 5 needles per guide tube. 500 needles in each box. 

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