Open Neon sign,Oval Shape 19" x 10"

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  • With the brightest LED's available customers will know you are OPEN for business from many blocks away.
  • This LED sign is ready for use right out of the box featuring simple hanging chain.
  • LED signs are one of the best advertising tools that a business owner can use to get customers attention and attract them to your business.
  • Sign is a 100 percent hand crafted, with super bright LED's.
  • Our LED's are the brightest in the business and guaranteed to perform flawlessly for many years.
  • 凭借最亮的 LED 灯,客户可以从许多街区之外知道您正在营业。
    这款 LED 标牌开箱即用,配有简单的吊链。
    LED 标牌是企业主可以用来吸引客户注意力并吸引他们来到您的企业的最佳广告工具之一。
    标牌 100% 手工制作,配有超亮 LED。
    我们的 LED 是业内最亮的,并保证多年来都能完美运行。

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