Stick-On Moxa

Self-adhesive Moxa sticks were specially designed to offer convenience to TCM practitioners. The adhesive ensures that Moxa provides adequate heat to acupuncture points. The stick-on Moxa cones and cylinders from the Wabbo Company come with a robust base to avoid the risk of skin burns. Choose your favorite sticky Moxa products to offer peace of mind to your patients.
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Self-Adhesive Stick-On Mini Moxa - 180/Box 有烟自贴艾灸粒

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Kang Hwa Stick-On Mini Moxa Moxibustion - 180 Pieces/Box (3 Different Types)

SKU#: 23036

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Self-Adhesive Moxa Set With Stick-On Tubes 轻松灸套装

SKU#: 23090

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Cover for Stick-On Moxa - 24/Bag 艾灸保护罩子

SKU#: 23024

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