Unisharp Acupuncture Needles & (The Original PINE Brand)


Unisharp™ acupuncture needles are created as a Korean-style spring handle needle that is constructed from premium quality Japanese stainless steel. This needle is designed to have a sharp needlepoint that offers painless insertions.

The KT-Type needles are bulk packaged in a pouch with an easy-to-peel off tab. Packaged 10 needles per guide tube with a 1000 needles per box.

The KL-Type needles are packaged 1 needle per guide tube with 100 needles per box.

PINE acupuncture needles are designed as a Korean-style needle without a loop at the end of the handle. 

The KA-Type needles (The Original PINE Brand) are packaged individually with 1 needle per guide tube held in place with a color-coded tab. 200 needles per box. 

The KZ-Type needles (The Original PINE Brand) are packaged with 10 needles in a foam wedge and a guide tube on the side. 1000 needles per box.

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