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5 1/4" x 11" Sterilization Pouches (200/Box) 消毒袋

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High quality see-through, self-seal sterilization pouches. These sterilization pouches and rolls are constructed to exceed industry standards in infection control. Efficient way to package and sterilize your equipment and supplies. Easy to use design with a built in internal sterilized indicator to help ensure the proper temperature is reached inside the pouch. 

Box Size: 200 pouches/box

Sold by the Box

Dual external indicators

  • Easy to read “Color Changing Indicators” printed on each pouch assuring proper sterilization process by Steam and Ethylene Oxide.

Built-in internal indicator

  • For steam process – to ensure the proper temperature is reached inside the pouch.

Complete film/paper separation

  • Clean separation (peeling) of the 4-ply see-thru film from the medical grade paper maintains sterility of contents until their use.

Blue-tinted transparent film

  • For easier identification of contents and possible punctures by contrast of color.

Triple seal & heat processed

  • For a seal that is consistent and strong which eliminates shattering and tearing.

Wide self-seal adhesive strip

  • Easy-seal flap to ensure the integrity of contents after sterilization process.

高品质透明自封灭菌袋。 这些灭菌袋和灭菌卷的构造超出了感染控制的行业标准。 包装和消毒您的设备和用品的有效方法。 易于使用的设计带有内置的内部灭菌指示器,有助于确保造口袋内达到适当的温度。


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