AWQ-104 LT Acupuncture Stimulator - 4 Channels With Digital Meter (Without Locator) 电子针灸仪

AWQ-104 LT Acupuncture Stimulator - 4 Channels With Digital Meter (Without Locator) 电子针灸仪

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The AWQ-104LT is the latest improved version of the multipurpose AWQ electro-therapy series from China, now with 4 outputs and large 0.5" x 0.9" LCD digital meter.

The AWQ-104LT is able to display and fine tune frequency selection through two separate ranges: 1 to 100 Hz (low) and 10 to 1,000 Hz (High).

Unit also features: 4 independently controlled output channels which provide stimulation to 8 needles, polarity reversal [i.e. tonification (+) and sedation (-)] switches for each channel, Hi/Low voltage switch, and 2 frequency ranges (X1, X10). New integrated circuitry assures no interference or crossover.

Powered by 9 volt battery. Three adjustable pulse modes are also offered: continuous, intermittent (discontinuous), and dense-disperse.

Accessories include 5" long pen shaped treatment probe with hand ground pole and wire, 4 sets of alligator clip wires, sturdy carrying case, and instructions. 

NOTE: Federal Law restricts the sale of TENS, EMS and Micro-Current devices to or on the order of a licensed physician.   

AWQ-104 LT Estimulador de Acupuntura - 4 Canales Con Medidor Digital (Sin Localizador)

El AWQ-104LT puede ajustar la seleccion de frecuencia a traves de dos rangos separados:

  • 1 a 100 Hz (bajo)
  • 10 a 1000 Hz ( alto)

La unidad tabmbien cuenta con: 4 canales de salida controlados de forma independiente que proporcionan estimulacion a 8 agujas, inversion de polaridad para cada canal, voltaje alto o bajo y 2 rangos de frecuencia. El nuevo circuito integrado asegura que no haya interferencias crusadas.  

Los accesorios incluyen una sonda de tratamiento en forma de bolígrafo de 5" de largo con poste y cable de conexión a tierra manual, 4 juegos de cables con pinzas de cocodrilo, estuche de transporte resistente e instrucciones.

AWQ-104LT是中国多用途AWQ电疗系列的最新改进版本,现在具有4个输出和大型0.5" x 0.9" LCD数字仪表。

AWQ-104LT 能够通过两个单独的范围显示和微调频率选择:1 至 100 Hz(低)和 10 至 1,000 Hz(高)。

装置还具有:4 个独立控制的输出通道,可为 8 根针提供刺激,极性反转 [即。 每个通道的补剂 (+) 和镇静 (-)] 开关、高/低电压开关和 2 个频率范围(X1、X10)。 新的集成电路确保无干扰或交叉。

由 9 伏电池供电。 还提供三种可调脉冲模式:连续、间歇(不连续)和密集-分散。

配件包括 5 英寸长笔形治疗探头,带手持接地杆和电线、4 套鳄鱼夹电线、坚固的手提箱和说明书。

注意:根据联邦法律规定只能向有执照的医生或根据其指示的客人销售 TENS、EMS 和微电流设备。


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