Moxa Roll Stick Holder Extinguisher - Stainless Steel (4

Moxa Roll Stick Holder Extinguisher - Stainless Steel (4") 艾座连灭灸盘

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Safely extinguish moxa rolls with this stainless steel tray with a base disk. When moxibustion is used, the unburnable moxa roll can be inserted into this seat to be destroyed. This method is safe and easy to operate, and economic health.

Moxa sticks can be placed in the groove to prevent tilting off.

1.2" diameter moxa roll extinguisher with top slots for holding the moxa roll can be mounted on a wide, stainless steel base dish. Provides greater stability and functionality and is easier to use. Dish can also be used for collecting loose ash from the burning moxa roll.

Size: 4" base

Extintor Moxa Roll Stick Holder - Acero inoxidable (4")

1.2 "diameter diámetro moxa rollo extintor [con ranuras en la parte superior para sostener el rollo de moxa] está montado ahora en una amplia, de acero inoxidable de 4" de diámetro plato de base. Proporciona una mayor estabilidad y funcionalidad y es más fácil de usar. Plato también puede ser utilizado para la recogida de ceniza suelta desde el rollo de moxa ardiente.

使用这款带有底座的不锈钢托盘可以安全地熄灭艾条。 施灸时,可将不燃艾条插入此座内销毁。 此方法安全、操作方便、经济卫生。


直径 1.2 英寸的艾条灭火器,顶部有用于固定艾条的槽,可安装在宽大的不锈钢底盘上。提供更高的稳定性和功能,并且更易于使用。盘还可用于收集燃烧的艾条中的松散灰烬 卷。


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