OS Moxa Balm Jar (20g) 艾灸膏

OS Moxa Balm Jar (20g) 艾灸膏

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OS Moxa balm is a natural skin cream that offers economical and environmentally safe moxa therapy without odor or smoke. Active ingredients for this moxa balm include a proprietary blend of all moxa, herbs, and other natural ingredients. This multipurpose moxa balm can be used as a base for direct moxa, indirect moxa, and infrared heat treatments. OS Moxa balm can also be used after treatment or for general body care. It can be applied several times during the treatment.

Use of OS Moxa Balm:

  • Apply OS Moxa balm and warm the treatment area with a therapeutic heat source such as an infrared or TDP lamp or other heat sources.
  • Repeat the OS Moxa balm application two or three times during treatment.
  • This product can also be used without added heat.


OS Moxa Balm is used as a means to relieve pain and stress associated with cold, chills, menstrual cramps, injuries, arthritis, and digestive problems.

Natural de una terapia de moxa ambientalmente seguro económico sin olor o humo. Los ingredientes activos incluyen una mezcla patentada de todo moxa, hierbas y otros ingredientes naturales. Polivalente, puede ser utilizado como una base para el establecimiento directo moxa, moxa indirecta, y los tratamientos de calor infrarrojo. También se puede usar después del tratamiento o por el cuidado del cuerpo en general. Se puede aplicar varias veces durante un tratamiento. 20 gramos (neto) frasco.

OS 艾膏是一种天然护肤霜,可提供经济且环保的艾灸疗法,无气味或烟雾。 这种艾膏的活性成分包括所有艾条、草药和其他天然成分的专有混合物。 这种多用途艾膏可用作直接艾、间接艾和红外线热处理的基础。 OS 艾膏也可在治疗后使用或用于一般身体护理。 治疗期间可多次涂抹。

OS 艾膏的使用:

使用 OS Moxa 香膏并用治疗热源(例如红外线或 TDP 灯或其他热源)加热治疗区域。
治疗期间重复使用 OS 艾膏两到三次。

OS Moxa Balm 用于缓解疼痛和压力

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